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Sportswomen's Apparel Around the World
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This volume presents a collection of essays that explore the relationship between sporting clothing and gender. Drawing on uniform and sports apparel as a means of exploring the socio-sexual politics of the contemporary world, the contributions analyse the historical, political-economic, socio-cultural and sport-specific dimensions of gendered clothing in sport. Part of a two-volume series (the other discussing this phenomenon in the USA), contributors cover topics such as the rise of athleisurewear, Olympics outfits, eSports, religious considerations, the saree, fitness attire on Instagram, Japanese bloomers, youth clothing, ForPlay's sexy sports costumes, and women's sportswear for rugby, tennis, throwing, biking, wrestling, and flat track roller derby. This global anthology will be of interest to practitioners and scholars of sports history, the sociology of sport, and gender/media studies.

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